3 Things To Expect When Facing Criminal Charges

When the police believe that you committed a crime, they can arrest you for it. The arrest initiates the criminal law process, but it does not mean that you are guilty. Every person suspected of a crime must go through a legal process, which is called the criminal law process. If you are facing criminal charges, here are three things to expect during this process. 1. You Will Have an Arraignment Hearing Read More 

3 Things Criminal Defendants Need To Remember When Working With Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal charges rank up near the top of the spectrum in terms of severity and they can have life-changing ramifications. If you're a defendant dealing with one of these charges and made the choice of working with a criminal defense attorney, take time to remember these things. They can help you have a more favorable legal process. Trial Experience Truly Does Matter A good percentage of criminal charges end up being worked out in court, and it's important you head into these proceedings with a criminal defense attorney ready to go to battle. Read More 

Key Facts About the Cost of Legal Representation

Those accused of crimes will inevitably need to hire a criminal defense lawyer. For most criminal matters, the stakes can be high. Depending on the charges, being convicted of a crime can bring about considerable changes to your life. Lawyers help clients get out of jail, deal with plea bargains, prepare their case for trial, and represent clients in court. All that work costs money and it's helpful to learn about what to expect with legal fees. Read More 

An Overview Of Potential Auto Accident Defenses

If you want to pursue an auto accident claim, the defendant can come up with all sorts of defenses. However, the following defenses are some of the most common ones. No Injury This classic defense claims that you did not suffer any injuries during the accident. It might not look like much of a defense, but it makes sense if you consider the number of people who present false auto accident claims every year. Read More 

Why It’s Vital To Hire A DWI Lawyer

If you have recently been pulled over by the police and have found yourself charged with a DWI, you might be worried about what steps you should take next. The first thing you should do is to hire a DWI lawyer. If you think that you can represent yourself in court, you will want to read further. This way, you can understand the importance of hiring a DWI lawyer. You Want The Proof Examined Read More