Why You Shouldn’T Base Your DUI Defense On The Number Of Drinks You Took

Some people think that they can wriggle out of DUI stops by mentioning that they only took a bottle or glass of alcohol. This is unlikely to work because the police aren't just interested in the amount of alcohol you consumed; they are also interested in your level of intoxication. Do you know that, on some days, you may be more intoxicated than usual even after imbibing on the same alcohol quantity? Read More 

Want To Sell Your Home But Remodeled Without Permits? Here’s What You Need To Know

Construction permits are required for most remodeling work that is done in homes. Unfortunately, sometimes homeowners fail to obtain permits for whatever reason because doing so just didn't seem important. However, when it comes time to sell the home, those unpermitted renovations can cause a nightmare. Whether you didn't know that you needed to obtain permits, or you simply ignored it, now is the time that you have no choice but to deal with the matter. Read More 

What To Do If You’ve Been Pulled Over After Drinking Alcohol

In many cases, you can have a single alcoholic drink and drive home legally and safely. However, the line between legal and illegal is thin, and for some people, even one drink can impact their judgement enough to hinder driving. For this reason, it's imperative to protect yourself if you've been pulled over after drinking alcohol. Even if you believe you aren't over the legal limit, check out these five tips to follow. Read More 

Is It True Tongue Piercings Can Invalidate Breathalyzer Test Results?

When police administer breathalyzer tests, they try to minimize the number of factors that may influence the result as much as possible, including asking defendants to remove tongue piercings. If you refuse or the officer forgets to ask you to take your piercing out, you may be able to use that to invalidate the results of the test. Here's more information about this DWI defense. Prohibition Against Foreign Materials As noted previously, there are a number of things that can influence the results of a breathalyzer test, including objects that may be in your mouth at the time of the analysis. Read More 

Things You Can Do To Help Prove That You Are Innocent Of DUI

If a person is caught driving while intoxicated by prescription medications, alcohol, or recreational drugs, the individual may be charged with driving under the influence. If found guilty, the accused person could lose their license, have to pay a large fine or even be forced to serve time in jail.  Nevertheless, sometimes a police officer misinterprets the reason for a person's driving patterns, assuming that a motorist is intoxicated when they are not. Read More