What To Do When You Have Been Accused Of Domestic Violence

It can be a complete surprise to have a process server hand you a temporary restraining order or a summons to appear in court for a domestic violence charge. Even worse is to have the police show up to arrest you. It is important you understand what you need to do and how to behave from that moment on. These charges are not to be taken lightly, and your actions could land you in jail. Here are a few tips for how to handle the situation:

Contact an Attorney

Whether it is the police or a process server that shows up, you need to hire an attorney. Do not answer any questions. Immediately contact a lawyer and make an appointment for that day. This is the person that will be representing you for all circumstances involving the other person or the law. Do not speak to anyone other than your lawyer about the case. Trying to get a friend to act as an intermediary can only complicate things. It could cause you to become upset, hurt, or angry and have you doing something you later regret.

Do Not Contact the Person Who Filed Against You

Even if you and the person who filed have talked or been together recently, do not contact him or her in any way. Sometimes the courts can take a day or two before you are notified or served. If there was a fight or argument a few days ago and you have resolved things, do not assume everything is okay. You could be arrested for making contact. Let your lawyer get to the bottom of things. If everything has truly been resolved, he or she will make sure the case is dropped. Only then can you make contact yourself.

Find Nonbiased Help

If you are not being held in police custody, you are going to need to find someone to talk to and help you deal with the situation. At best, you will be feeling hurt and betrayed, but you could be feeling angry. You need to be able to talk with someone, but if you go to your friends or family they might hear your side of things and increase your feelings. Ask your lawyer to recommend a counselor or some type of group therapy where you can not only talk about what happened without making things worse.

In some states, it is possible for a person to be charged and found guilty of domestic violence even if the alleged victim does not press charges. Any time the legal system is involved in our relationship in any way, you need to have experienced representation. It is the best way to keep things from escalating and to stay out of jail.

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