The Long-Term Effects Of A DUI Conviction

You may be familiar with the immediate consequences related to a DUI conviction. It could result in going to jail, having your driver's license suspended, or being fined. However, DUIs can also have a great impact on your future. While the immediate consequences can be served and you'll move on, there are other consequences that will continue to follow you down the road.

Current Employment

One immediate impact will be on your job. Jail time will immediately cause you to be unable to work, and in states with at-will employment, an employer could fire you because of it. Even if you avoid jail, community service could interfere with your work schedule. Your boss may not be too happy about you needing to miss your job because of punishment related to a DUI.

If you have a job that involves driving, a DUI could automatically cause you to be fired. There could be conditions in your contract that state how a DUI is a valid reason for immediate termination.

Future Employment

Even if you leave your current job because of your DUI, all of your future employers will know if they do a background check. That is because a DUI will be on a background check, even if it is a misdemeanor DUI. You could be immediately disqualified from any job that required driving due to a previous DUI. For example, Uber requires that their drivers do not any DUI convictions.

For jobs that do not require driving, you may still have a problem finding employment. It's likely that many employers do not want an employee that has a criminal record, and if they are between two candidates, your criminal record may be something they consider.

Insurance Costs

Being convicted of your DUI caused you to be considered a higher risk driver when it comes to insurance. It is often required for people convicted of a DUI to purchase SR22 insurance. This is a certificate that will give you liability coverage, but it comes at a premium price. Since insurance is necessary in many states to drive a car, mandatory SR22 insurance coverage means that you must pay a higher price to drive again.

Additional Privileges

You'll also have difficulties doing other things that may not have been an issue before your DUI. For instance, buying firearms and ammunition will not be allowed, and getting a passport will be a harder process moving forward.

Be sure to work with a DUI attorney like those at Pollack & Ball LLC to help fight your DUI charge so that you do not have to deal with these problems later in life.