Things You Can Do To Help Prove That You Are Innocent Of DUI

If a person is caught driving while intoxicated by prescription medications, alcohol, or recreational drugs, the individual may be charged with driving under the influence. If found guilty, the accused person could lose their license, have to pay a large fine or even be forced to serve time in jail. 

Nevertheless, sometimes a police officer misinterprets the reason for a person's driving patterns, assuming that a motorist is intoxicated when they are not. If you have been falsely accused of driving under the influence, there are ways to prove your innocence.

Here are several things that a DUI attorney may suggest to help confirm that you were not driving while intoxicated.

Make a Detailed Log of Your Activities for the Period Prior to Your Arrest

If there is no drug paraphernalia or open container of alcohol in a vehicle, any accusation of intoxication must be based on the assumption that you ingested an intoxicating substance before entering your vehicle. A log or diary of what you did throughout your day can help your attorney prove your sobriety.

Many DUI attorneys have investigators on staff to speak to witnesses whom you may have encountered throughout your day. The testimony of the witnesses can corroborate your account and help show that you did not ingest drugs or alcohol before getting behind the wheel.  

Record Your Medical History

Just as your medical history can help a physician form a diagnosis and determine diseases that you may be more likely to develop, your medical history can also indicate conditions with symptoms that may be mistaken for intoxication. Slurred speech, a lack of coordination, and a decline in reaction times may accompany a serious condition, such as a stroke or seizure. Additionally, these issues can also occur with symptoms that may not be considered life-threatening, such as a bad case of the flu.

Once you have provided your attorney with your medical history and a record of your physical condition at the time of your arrest, your DUI attorney may hire medical experts who can help the court understand how your physical state may have affected your driving, even though your system was free of drugs and alcohol.

Have Your Vehicle Assessed

Sometimes, a mechanical failure in a car or truck can impair a motorist's ability to drive in a normal pattern. Your attorney may ask you to have your automobile assessed by a mechanic to ensure that there were no issues that could have impaired your driving.

If you have been accused of driving under the influence, contact the office of a DUI attorney to schedule a consultation.