Why You Shouldn’T Base Your DUI Defense On The Number Of Drinks You Took

Some people think that they can wriggle out of DUI stops by mentioning that they only took a bottle or glass of alcohol. This is unlikely to work because the police aren't just interested in the amount of alcohol you consumed; they are also interested in your level of intoxication. Do you know that, on some days, you may be more intoxicated than usual even after imbibing on the same alcohol quantity? Here are some circumstances under which you may be more intoxicated than usual with the same alcohol volume:

You Were Tired and Sleepy

Alcohol and drowsiness/exhaustion have some common symptoms. For example, your reaction times will be slow if you are tired and sleepy, and the same thing will happen if you are intoxicated. Now, drinking while sleepy or tired will make things worse for you as far as intoxication is concerned because you will feel drunker than usual. Therefore, you may think that you are your usual self and you can safely drive home while, in the real sense, you are drunker than usual.

You Have Lost Weight

All factors constant, it takes more alcohol to get a bigger person (in terms of body mass) intoxicated than it does to get a smaller person intoxicated. Therefore, losing weight will see you get more intoxicated with the same alcohol volume. Maybe you could function properly after two bottles beers but now the same number of bottles can make you look intoxicated because you have lost weight due to stress.

You Are on Medication

You may also get more intoxicated than usual if you drink while on medication. For example, drinking alcohol while taking antidepressants, such as Prozac, can make you more drunk than usual. This is because such antidepressants increase the intake of and response to alcohol. This is why it is always a good idea to avoid alcohol altogether while on medication even if you haven't been expressly warned about combining the two.

You Were Dehydrated

Dehydration can also make you more intoxicated than usual by speeding up the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol. This makes sense because accelerated alcohol absorption also denies your body the chance to eliminate or expel some of the alcohol. Therefore, you may be more intoxicated than usual if you have been working in the sun, has not taken water for some time or has been drinking energy drinks. This is because all these are things that make your body dehydrated.

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