Key Reasons To Put An Experienced DUI Lawyer On Retainer After Arrests

If you are arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, you may not be aware that you have legal rights afforded to you. You may think that you have to submit to the results of the test and have no right to argue against them or the arresting officer, especially after you are booked into jail.

However, the laws in your state afford you legal rights from the first moment the officer pulls you over and administers a field sobriety test to you. You can make sure those rights are exercised and protected by hiring a DUI lawyer to take your case.

Reviewing the Field Sobriety Test

When you have a DUI lawyer on retainer, you can have the footage of your field sobriety test reviewed. In fact, law enforcement officers can be prone to making grave mistakes that can jeopardize the legality of their cases. These mistakes, however, work to your advantage when you want to go to court and defend yourself against an unfair arrest.

Your lawyer will make sure that the field sobriety test was lawful and properly administered to you. If they see errors or aspects of it that violate the law, they will show these problems to the judge and have the charges against you thrown out of court.

There also may be proof in the footage that calls the entire results of the test into question. The officer may have had you face the direction that the wind was blowing, for example, which could have caused you to stumble. Likewise, you may have tripped on a rock in the road or not been able to look directly at the officer because of the glare of their vehicle spotlight. These factors can raise sufficient doubt about whether or not your arrest was lawful and may be enough for the judge to dismiss your case.

Your DUI lawyer will help you make sure that the field sobriety test is airtight. They will determine whether or not you were under the influence. They can argue down the charges and ask the court to show you leniency with sentencing if you are charged with a DUI.

A DUI lawyer can provide critical benefits after you have been arrested. They can review your field sobriety test and make sure it was lawful and valid. Your attorney can also argue down charges against you. Contact a DUI lawyer for more information.