Three Things To Do When The Police Confiscate Your Driver’s License

Confiscation of your driver's license by the police can leave you in a criminal or administrative legal maze. In addition to losing your freedom to drive anywhere, you risk losing your job if it depends on a driving license. Whether your license has been revoked or suspended, it is crucial to get it back as soon as possible to enjoy your driving privileges. While many circumstances can lead to the confiscation of your license, there are vital steps that can help you get it back. It would help if you considered consulting a driver's license reinstatement attorney to get their professional opinion on the matter. The following tips will give you advice to make the reinstatement of your license quick and guaranteed.

Go to the Relevant Authorities

When the police confiscate your driver's license, they will inform you of the local enforcement from which to claim. If you are arrested on administrative issues, such as not paying your insurance premiums, your local DMV office is the best place to start. Depending on the severity of your case and the circumstances surrounding it, a restricted license will be available to you in good time after your suspension has lapsed. If it takes longer than expected to get your license back, it is probably a good idea to contact a driver's license reinstatement attorney. They can clear any doubts you may have and explain options that are available to you. 

Pay Relevant Fines

The process of paying the relevant fines varies depending on the government agency that confiscated your license in the first place. You will be issued a citation containing the relevant information and a resolution document to help you make your payments. A reputable driver's license reinstatement attorney can advise you on the following process after paying your fines. DUI offenders can make an application for reinstating their license after serving a suspension. When this period lapses, you can then follow the necessary procedure of reclaiming your license. It is advisable to keep proof of all the payments and correspondences you make with any government agency. 

Hire a Driver's License Reinstatement Lawyer

There can be many legal issues that arise from a confiscated driver's license, which may aggravate the issue to court. While it is possible to represent yourself in traffic court, it is advisable to let a professional handle the matter instead. Be prepared to involve your driver's license reinstatement attorney whenever necessary, as their help can go a long way. These are legal professionals with the competence and training to negotiate and build a case on your behalf.