What You Need To Know About Getting A Temporary License When Convicted For OWI

The law allows you to use a temporary license after the court suspends yours for OWI. So if caught up in such a situation, ask your attorney what the law states about this license and whether looking for it is worth it. But, remember that this legal provision is not assured for all OWI offenders. And even if the jury approves your application, you won't have the freedom to use your vehicle as you wish. For instance, you could get barred from driving to other places except for work, school, and medical appointments. Here are more facts you need to know about these licenses.

When You Might Request a Special License

The judge can suspend or revoke your driving license if you're found with a serious OWI offense. For example, you can get a license suspension if arrested for an OWI offense for the first time. This serves as a warning against subsequent offenses. Additionally, the judge might revoke your license if you have several accrued OWI tickets. A license suspension will automatically take away your drinking privileges. When this happens, you can apply for a work license to enable you to use your car in special circumstances. 

But due to the complex laws surrounding OWI offenses, engaging a lawyer right after the arrest is crucial. They will advise you on your state's hardship laws. In addition, they will argue your case in court and convince the judge not to suspend or revoke your driving license.

Requirements for Getting This License

Most state laws indicate that judges should only approve hardship licenses for suspects with only one OWI conviction. Some regulations also require drivers to complete a school program or undergo a short or long-term rehabilitation program before applying for a special license. In addition, the judge might ask you to take programs and courses on the safety of the consumption of drugs and alcohol before approving your request. Your lawyer will explain the importance of these procedures and recommend the most appropriate one for your situation.

Possible Restrictions for Special License 

There is a good chance the court won't approve your request if your charges are grievous. That includes a felony OWI where the accident caused death, severe injuries, or property damages. So if any of these charges accompany your OWI charges, ask your attorney about the potential penalties. They will build a strong defense to ensure that the judge hands you a lenient judgment. 

Although you have a right to get a hardship license, convincing the judge to accept your request can be challenging. Therefore, you should consider hiring an OWI lawyer to represent you in the case. They will fight against the prosecutor's evidence, ensuring your request is approved.