Things You Can Do To Help Prove That You Are Innocent Of DUI

If a person is caught driving while intoxicated by prescription medications, alcohol, or recreational drugs, the individual may be charged with driving under the influence. If found guilty, the accused person could lose their license, have to pay a large fine or even be forced to serve time in jail.  Nevertheless, sometimes a police officer misinterprets the reason for a person's driving patterns, assuming that a motorist is intoxicated when they are not. Read More 

Reasons You Should Hire A DWI Defense Attorney

If you have recently been charges with a DWI (driving while intoxicated) offense, you may understandably feel overwhelmed and stressed out about the situation. After all, having a DWI or several DWIs on your record can have serious consequences. One of the things you may be thinking about is whether or n not you should contact and hire a DWI defense attorney to help you out with the situation. Get to know some of the reasons you may want to hire a DWI defense attorney so you can decide what course of action is best for you and your particular circumstances. Read More